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These Celebrities Made These Brands What They Are Today

When it comes to bringing the hype, celebrities are the best. When you see a celebrity wearing an item, even if you hate it and think it’s the biggest crime against the fashion police, you’ll probably still have a quick google to at least find out how much money this wacky item costs! That’s how some celebs have helped to blow up certain brands within the fashion industry. 

Gucci is one of the highest searched fashion brands to date. In all honesty you see the brand and it’s bold print everywhere. However we’re almost certain that one celebrity really helped to bring the trend along. Beyonce wore a very bold Gucci inspired outfit, complete with balaclava on stage for  her performance during the OTR II tour. Her outfit really turned some heads that day, and we’re sure it got many searching up where to find the same Gucci pieces. 

It’s no surprise than when Kylie Jenner wore a head to toe Fendi print ensemble, complete with Fendi print push chair for baby Stormi, that searchesr spiked. Fendi reported a rise in the hunt to find the famous Fendi print tights too. This is due to the tights being one of the more affordable items on offer by the fashion house, however they’ll still set you back $250. 

Off-White have also had the celebrity influence help them out with sales and searches. Rihanna, one of designer Virgil’s biggest fans, helped increase searches for the luxury brand after she posted some shots wearing the designers pieces. Following the photos being posted on the celebs social media, Off-White saw searches increase by 370% week after week. How can we be certain that it was Rihanna that made this happen? Well the Off-White shirt that the celeb posed in was viewed more than three thousand times in the two days following the photo being made public. 

During the summer of 2018, Taylor Swift stepped out in what I can only describe as one of the trashiest hoodies I’ve ever seen. However, like me, many others wanted to see how much this garish hoodie was to purchase. The designer of said hoodie was none other than the luxury fashion house Balenciaga. According to Balenciaga, searches for the exact pink hoodie that Taylor Swift was photographed in increased by a massive 112% in under two days. 

Last but not least we have Prada. The luxury brand saw a huge surge in searches for the Prada belt bag after celeb Chiara Ferragni posted a photograph of her wearing it. In fact from that one singular photograph being made public, searched for the Prada belt bag increased by a whopping 170%. 

It still amazes me the amount of influence that celebrities and other B listers have over the sales of items. For example, people weren’t really interested in buying Puma, it was seen as kind of outdated. That was until Rih Rih became the face of the brand and sales rocketed!

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