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The Most Fashion Forward Social Influencers On Instagram

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms, therefore it comes as no surprise that some of the most fashion forward influencers are taking the platform by storm. 

As Spring has sprung, many of us are in the market for a new summer wardrobe, or at least a few key pieces to tide us through those warmer spring afternoons. If, like me, you haven’t really got the first idea of where to start when it comes to clothes shopping, then you should definitely check out some of the following influencers on Instagram. They’ll be able to give you their top tips on upcoming trends, and the best pieces to flatter your body shape.

Gemma Talbot is someone you should be following, especially if you want to start getting into fashion and styling your pieces like a pro. Gemma is a London based fashion blogger, who takes the time to show her large following the different items in her wardrobe and how she would style them for her personal style. Gemma makes sure to link each piece that she show, in order to make it easier for her followers to find the item she’s showing. A lot of the time Gemma has sponsorship deals with some of the brands that she promotes, meaning that she will have a discount code for her fans to use if they purchase from the sponsored site. 

Mariano Di Vaio is one of the most followed fashion influencers and bloggers, with a whopping 6.3 million followers on Instagram alone. His style is mainly inspired by his Italian lifestyle. As you’ll see from his Instagram, his favourite pieces to style are fitted shirts and well-tailored jackets. He has an extremely lux style and sees himself as a modern gentleman. Mariano’s main sponsorships are with long term partners and brands such as Dolce & Gabbana. 

Emma Hill has a large following on Instagram due to her unique style. At the top of her style priorities are comfort and simplicity which is what makes her so popular with women all around the world. Emma will often post her outfit of the day in order to give inspiration to others by showing her followers what she has chosen to wear that day. The main brands that have featured in her previous outfit of the day are MANGO, Topshop, as well as some more expensive designer brands like Chanel and Burberry. So if you’re looking for some spring fashion inspo, Emma is the one to follow. 

If a laid back style is more up your street then Maria Vizuete may be the inspiration you need. Her main style is street wear with a touch of rugged about it. Maria uses a mix of affordable and designer pieces to create her desired look. Her two golden retrievers often make an appearance in her Instagram posts, so that’s another reason to give her a follow! 

Are you ready to get inspired for your spring wardrobe?


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