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The Best Selling Fragrances From The Biggest Fashion Houses

When it comes to luxury fashion houses, it isn’t all leather goods, ready to wear pieces and outwear. Some fashion houses actually have extremely iconic fragrances for both men and women. 

An example of this would have to be Chanel. The iconic fashion house has a number of fragrances available, however the most iconic of their line up is Chanel No5. For me personally, when I think of a glamorous woman getting ready in the morning, I imagine she smells exactly like this fragrance. For many it is just that, a staple of their everyday routine. The unmistakable fragrance was first created back in 1921, with a floral and vanilla scent. 

Calvin Klein is another large fashion house, with the labels branding being known all over the world. The brand’s best-selling fragrance by far is Calvin Klein Ck one. This fragrance is crisp, with a hint of pineapple and green tea. Another reason this scent is always flying off the shelves is because it is for both men and women. Coming in at a lower price point than Chanel No5, there is no reason to not give this one a try. 

Dior is among the huge fashion houses of the world, but what do people think about their fragrance range? Many people love the Miss Dior fragrance, due to its pink pepper and bergamot undertones. The price point for this perfume falls nicely between Chanel No5 and Calvin Klein Ck one. The fragrance isn’t awfully unaffordable, while still keeping that luxury smell that we would all expect to come from Dior. 

Ralph Lauren aren’t a fashion house that you’d automatically think of when it comes to fragrance. However, the label have really outdone themselves with their scent named Romance. The fragrance comes in their staple square bottle, with undertones of oakmoss, musk and rose. This perfume is delicate, yet long wearing, making it the perfect combination for everyday wear. 

When you think of Dolce & Gabbana, your mind may automatically go to their sophisticated designed for outwear and ready to wear pieces. However, Dolce & Gabbana actually stock one of the best-selling fragrances. Light Blue Eau de Toilette retails for around £80, however can often be found for less if the store has an offer on. The fragrance has notes of apple, bamboo and citrus. This makes the scent perfect for those of you who prefer more of an understated fragrance.

Last but not least, we have Tom Ford. This popular fashion house not only produces fashion, they also stock one of the best-selling fragrances. The fragrance in question is Oud Wood Eau de Parfum. Retailing for around the £240 mark, this comes at a higher price point than the previously mentioned fragrances. However, with this scent a little goes a long way. With undertones of vanilla, spice and wood, this fragrance will really have heads turning and passers-by complimenting you on it. 

So which of the fragrances will you be testing the next time you’re in the market? 


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