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The 10 Most Desired Luxury Fashion Brands Of All Time

  1. Gucci was originally founded by Guccio Gucci way back in 1921. Gucci has since become one of the most desired luxury fashion labels of the world. When you think of Gucci, not only do you think of the hefty price tag that comes along with it, you also think of the wonderful textiles and bold colours that are incorporated into the clothing designs. 
  2. Louis Vuitton are renowned worldwide not only for their clothing, but also for their luxury luggage. Louis Vuitton initially wanted to become a trunk master during his teen years, however the brand has since branched out into outwear and clothing.
  3. In 1948, Christian Dior founded the now luxury brand Dior Homme. The suave and sophisticated designs meant that the label quickly rocketed into one of the top 10 most desired luxury brands. 
  4. It comes as no surprise that Prada has made the list! The luxury Italian label was founded in 1913 by the one and only Mario Prada. The label now specialises in perfumes, ready to wear items, as well as leather handbags. 
  5. The luxury designer brand, Balenciaga, was founded in 1917 by Cristóbal Balenciaga in Spain. The label is best known for their bold yet luxurious style. The brand is currently owned by a large French company, however this has not impacted on the design of the brand.
  6. Stella McCartney specialises in menswear that has a sporty yet tailored feel to it. The brands clothing is sustainable and uses non-violent materials in order to create their pieces. Although the brand hasn’t been around for as long ass some of the other luxury brand, Stella has made it into the top 10. 
  7. Fendi was founded in Rome, back in 1925, making the label almost 100 years old. The luxury label specialises in fur, as well as eyewear, leather goods and ready to wear pieces. 
  8. Saint Laurent was originally founded by Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé. The pair founded the luxury French fashion house back in 1961 and have gone from strength to strength since. The label focus on having gender neutral clothing meaning that it is suitable for all, as well as having a classic yet stripped back style. 
  9. Balmain are a true style icon. This is mainly due to their extravagant trims and finishings on their pieces. The label is extremely well known, meaning that you can simply look at a piece and know it’s theirs! They’ve recently collaborated with some high street brands such as H&M and Victoria’s Secret. 
  10. Last but not least we have Alexander McQueen. Lee Alexander McQueen founded the luxury label in 1992 after finishing an apprenticeship at Saville Row. McQueen specialises in street wear with exaggerated lines and tailoring. Bold graphics are at the heart of this brand. Considering this brand hasn’t been around for nearly as long as some of its older brothers, the label has done incredibly well with keeping it’s pieces fresh and up to date.  

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