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How To Put Together The Perfect Office Friendly Wardrobe

With lockdown beginning to ease, many of us are returning back to work for the first time in over a year. We’ve all became used to sitting at our kitchen table wearing pyjama bottoms and a shirt on the top half in order to keep it strictly professional for those out of the blue zoom calls with our boss. As far as we’re aware, business on the top, party on the bottom, won’t quite cut it in the office. So what should you be wearing, especially with the ever-changing weather in the UK? We’ve got some tips for you!

Our first tip would be to know how strict your office is with their dress code. For example if you work at a super laid back office where everyone wears jeans and a jumper, then you know that you too can get away with coming in wearing a casual and comfy outfit. 

However, if your office prefer more of a professional and polished look, then we’ve got just the tips for you! Firstly I would suggest thinking about your style. You want to feel confident in what ever outfit it is that you choose to wear. You also want to have comfy footwear on. 

Now to create your capsule work wardrobe! I would suggest having 2 pairs of trousers and 2 skirts. This way no matter the weather, you have options. For the skirts I would suggest knee length and paired with tights for the colder months (which is 11 months of the year for the UK). Try to keep the colours and styles of your skirts fairly simple, this way they can be paired up with a number of different tops in order to create multiple outfits for the work week. 

For your 2 pairs of trousers, I would suggest for 1 pair of these to be black. Again, this keeps it simple and means you can create a number of different looks from this single pair of trousers. 

I would purchase some white, black and neutral coloured blouses. I would suggest long sleeves in order to keep the more professional and polished look, however you could purchase a few with shorter sleeves for the warmer months, if your office doesn’t have air conditioning. By keeping the colours of your tops neutral, it means you won’t have to put too much thought into your outfit as none of the colours will clash with each other or look odd paired together.

You should have 2 blazers to pop on if you need to attend a more formal meeting. This will ensure you keep the professional look as well as keep warm in those freezing meeting rooms. 

Finally, I would suggest getting a pair of comfy yet stylish shoes to pair with your outfit. I would avoid heels that are high as you need to be able to walk in them for the full work day and there’s nothing worse than aching feet at the end of the day. 


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