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How To Put Together A Capsule Wardrobe For Every Occasion

If you’re anything like me then you have a wardrobe bursting with clothes! Some that you haven’t worn for months, maybe even years. My goal for this year was to ditch the fast fashion and ideally try to stop having the urge to buy a new item of clothing each week! Let’s be honest, we could all really do with a spring clean in our wardrobe and even work towards having a smaller, capsule wardrobe. How will I do that, I hear you asking? Well read on because I’ve got all the top tricks and tips for you. 

Firstly I recommend sorting through your entire wardrobe and donating any unwanted items that either don’t fit your desired style anymore, or are too small. Anything that is too tatty or cannot be donated, I would recommend taking to your local clothes recycling point. I can picture you stood in front of your wardrobe, holding a top that you haven’t worn within the last two years. Stop this immediately! If there are items that you are unsure about donating then my next tip would be to turn all of the hangers in your wardrobe the other way around. Once you’ve worn an item and washed it, you can now rehang the item in the wardrobe the correct way around. Set yourself a time period, say for example four months, any items you haven’t worn at least once within that four month period you should donate. By doing this it really helps you to visualise how little of your items you wear on a day to day basis. 

My next top tip would be to sort through the remainder of your clothing and prioritise them. Set ourself a limit, for example 5 tops. Go through your remaining tops and really think about if you can get use out of them. I would recommend that the items you choose to keep be multifunctional, for example a top that can be dressed up or down for different occasions. Ideally try to stick to neutral colours for this, as that way you wont be stuck with a yellow turtle neck that you can only wear once in a blue moon. I would suggest picking 5 tops, 2 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of trousers that are a little smarter so you can wear them for work or more formal occasions. 

Next up would be to sort your wardrobe by occasion, rather than by the item itself. By doing this you can see how many outfits you have to wear to work, or to the gym. When doing this, keep in mind the social calendar you actually have, not the one you want. By that I mean you don’t need 3 evening gowns in your capsule wardrobe if you haven’t had the need to wear even one of them in the past year! I would however recommend having one little black dress on hand that can be worn for many different social occasions.


Happy organising!

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