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Fast Fashion: Do You Know What’s Really Involved Behind The Scenes?

Everyone loves a bargain, right? Not long ago, Pretty Little Thing had a flash sale, with some items of clothing being reduced to as little as 10p down from their regular price. Of course the majority of the public loved the chance of getting their hands on some dirt cheap clothing. For the rest of the public, it sparked a real interest in how the brand could sell off the items for such a small amount of money, while most likely still turning a profit. 

The retailers came into the limelight for encouraging fast fashion and mass consumption that is unsustainable. Environmental experts had a lot to say about the devastating effects fast fashion can have on the planet. 

The founder of the Conscious Fashion Campaign, Kerry Bannigan, said “The perpetuating cycle of over production and consumption relies on the use of natural resources that contributes substantially to environmental degradation”. 

Fast fashion has a larger environmental footprint that aviation and shipping combined! This is due to sales such as black Friday, and companies massively lowering their prices in order to shift the excess stock that has been produced during that business year. What happens to the clothes and textiles that don’t get sold during this world wide event? Well they get sent directly to the landfill, simply causing more pollution and destruction to the planet. 

What should you do instead of being a part of the fast fashion industry? Firstly, wear your outfit more than once! We are not the Kardashian’s, no one is going to notice that you’ve worn that dress to a previous event a few months ago. Even if they do, they most likely won’t say anything to you anyway! 

Secondly I would suggest you shop more sustainably. Really think about the item before you purchase it. Do you really need it? Will you wear it multiple times? When you add up the cost of buying multiple cheaper outfits, you may as well have splurged and purchased a better quality, more sustainably made item as the price per wear would work out the same anyway!

Swap outfits with friends if you’re similar sizes! There’s no need for you to own every item of clothing that you wear. It makes more sense for you to both own a few great quality items that you’re happy to mix, match and share between each other. 

What if there’s an event that you want a new outfit for, but you know you’ll only wear it once? If you’re going somewhere fancy and need an evening gown for example, but you know you won’t get the use out of it again, then I would suggest renting one. This means you can rent a designer item, without the hefty price tag and without it taking up space in your wardrobe! What’s even better is you haven’t been a part of fast fashion in order to wear this one time dress! Renting really is the way forward for designer pieces and one off outfits.

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